Retaining Wall Blues

It was 72 degrees here today. I was actually able to go outside the house without a jacket. I almost felt like a human being again instead of some sort of weak furless bear.

We had to head to the store to get some things for ye olde dinner party on Sunday, things being walnuts, ice cream, and basil. The store did not have fresh basil. They did however have a little basil plant, which I grabbed possessively, purchased, and brought home with me:

Basil Wolverton will hopefully survive my attempts to keep him alive, for real this time.

We went back to TJ Maxx for the other decanter they had there, but alas, we snoozed and therefore we lost. We did however purchase storage bins, which will go well in my badly-in-need-of-organization pantry. We then wandered in the direction of Home Goods, and tried out every chair they had. In our defense, we are tired of our cheap IKEA chairs and when we move into the living room we’d like some stylish comfortable seating. We also picked up a lil rack for the weirdly narrow space in the bathroom, and a wine corker. TJ Maxx: You Didn’t Know You Needed It But You Do. I realize that we bought this last stuff at Home Goods but apparently they’re all owned by the same company and I’m not changing it.

Dave decided that it was time to resume work on the retaining wall:

And Dave said “bruh,” and behold, it was very bruh.

It had deteriorated during the winter, and was threatening random passersby with imminent flattening. Some of Dave’s work was whacking things with a sledgehammer. A lot of it was digging out dirt, stones, and pieces of brick. Also some concrete. And a piece of rebar that was just kind of…. there. I stood by and offered moral support to Dave and warning glowers to people walking too near it. My warning glowers did not deter some people from offering unsolicited advice. Saint Joe: where sometimes friendliness has its drawbacks.


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